Dubai Unlimited Pass

Are you interested in the official Dubai Unlimited Pass?

Here you will find detailed information about this product - including the advantages and disadvantages. We also calculate the financial benefit you can expect with the Unlimited Pass.

Our goal: You can decide if this Dubai Pass is worth it for your trip.

How does the Dubai Unlimited Pass work?

The Dubai Unlimited Pass is offered by iVenture Card and allows buyers to visit more than 30 different attractions without having to buy additional tickets. The Dubai Pass covers most tourist activities.

Key services include:

  • Top attractions: Burj Khalifa, The View at the Palm, Dubai Frame
  • Leisure activities: WILD WADI water park, Flying Cup, IMG Worlds of Adventure etc.
  • Guided tours: Desert safari, Guided tours through Dubai, Kayak tour
  • 1 day hop-on/hop-off bus
  • Boat trips on the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina

The Dubai Unlimited Pass can be used for 3 or 5 consecutive calendar days and offers unlimited access to the included attractions. The only limitation is the validity period. The Unlimited Pass is all the more worthwhile the more visits are undertaken within the period of validity.

After purchasing the Unlimited Pass, you will receive all relevant information and the digital product by e-mail. Collection is not necessary, as the Unlimited Pass is exclusively digital. All you need to do is save it on your cell phone and show it at participating attractions. Use the SmartVisit app to do this.

Please note that the Dubai Pass does not usually grant preferential access to the attractions. Prior reservation may be required for some attractions.

What attractions are included?

The Dubai Unlimited Pass includes more than 30 sights and other tourist attractions. These can be visited without having to buy additional tickets. These include popular attractions, amusement parks, museums, city tours and many guided tours.

With a few exceptions, this is a genuine Unlimited Pass.

Attractions with the Dubai Unlimited Pass

You can visit the following top attractions with the Unlimited Pass without having to buy additional tickets:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Desert Safari with BBQ
  • Dubai Frame
  • Dubai Fountain
  • The View at the Palm
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Sky Views Observatory
  • Infinity des Lumieres
  • … (show all attractions)
Desert Safari in Dubai
© Alina Grubnyak / Unsplash

Reservations are required for some of these attractions. Reservations are made via an app that you can download to your cell phone.

However, there are also many sights that you can visit without making an appointment.

Leisure activities with the Unlimited Pass

With this Dubai Pass you will enjoy a wide range of leisure activities:

  • La Perle by Dragone
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • WILD WADI Waterpark
  • Ski Dubai
  • iFly Dubai
  • Flying Cup
  • …. (show all leisure activities)

At most of these attractions, you can go to the box office to pick up your free ticket without making an appointment. In some cases, however, a reservation is required.

Boat trips, guided tours & excursions

And that's not all. The Dubai Unlimited Pass includes many interesting tourist offers with which you can easily explore Dubai:

  • 1 day hop-on/hop-off bus
  • Boat trip with dinner
  • Speedboat tour
  • Guided tour of Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah Kayak Tour
  • …. (show all tours)
Hop-on Hop-off Bus in Dubai
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Reservations are required for all guided tours. Registration takes place via the SmartVisit app.

Book your desired date in good time, even if there are often dates available at short notice.

No reservation is required for the city tour on the hop-on hop-off bus.

What the Unlimited Pass does not include

With the Dubai Unlimited Pass, almost everything Dubai has to offer is included. There are only a few exceptions. However, the attractions in the neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi are not included.

  • Burj al Arab
  • Day trip to Abu Dhabi
  • Attractions in Abu Dhabi

If you would like to visit one or more of these attractions, you can buy separate tickets or select another Dubai Pass. The Dubai All Inclusive Pass includes many attractions in Abu Dhabi.


Registration is required for the following offerings, among others:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Frame
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Desert Safari
  • Speedboat tour
  • La Perle by Dragone
  • All guided tours & excursions

An overview of all attractions for which a reservation is required, you can find here. To make reservations, you need to download this free app: SmartVisit app.

Register an account in the app and reserve your favorite attractions.

Is the Dubai Unlimited Pass worth it?

The Unlimited Pass is basically a very good product that covers many attractions. However, it is not free and the question arises as to whether this Dubai Pass is financially worthwhile.

We answer this question in this section.

How much does the Dubai Unlimited Pass cost?

The price of the Unlimited Pass depends on the period of validity. The longer you want to use the pass, the more expensive it becomes, but the better the price-performance ratio.

  • 3 days: $429 = $143 per day
  • 5 days: $566 = $113 per day

There is a discounted Unlimited Pass for children aged 3 to 12.

These prices are currently valid on the official website The company sometimes runs discount promotions, so prices may fluctuate slightly.

Example for 3 days

Using the example of a three-day itinerary, we would like to show you how much money you would have to pay for individual tickets and how much you can save with the Dubai Unlimited Pass.

AttractionPrice with Unlimited PassPrice without Unlimited Pass
Dubai Unlimited Pass: 3 days$429
Burj Khalifa$0$44
Dinner cruise in the marina$0$71
Desert Safari incl. Dinner$0$94
1 day hop-on/hop-off bus$0$80
90 min. speedboat tour$0$60
The View at the Palm$0$27
Dubai Aquarium$0$54
IMG Worlds of Adventure$0$98

As you can see, you can save some money with the Unlimited Pass if you visit two or three attractions per day. The more expensive the attractions you visit, the more you save.

The more sights you visit in a short space of time, the more you save. Spread your visits throughout the day and visit the attractions in the evening, for example.

Examples of evening visits are La Perle by Dragone or dinner boat trips.

Purchase, Download & Activation

The Dubai Unlimited Pass is a product of the company iVenture Card. You can get the product on the official website and at some points of sale in Dubai.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to download your Dubai Pass.

You can download your digital Dubai Pass with the free SmartVisit app. The Unlimited Pass can be added to the app, which also provides information on all the offers included in the pass.

The pass is activated automatically the first time you use an attraction.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the iVenture Card free of charge. Only if you buy the Unlimited Pass from GetYourGuide can you cancel it up to 24 hours before the start of your trip:

Official Dubai Pass

Disadvantages of the Unlimited Pass

The Dubai Unlimited Pass is undoubtedly an attractive product, but it is not without its shortcomings. The following arguments tend to speak against the purchase of the Unlimited Pass. Each traveler must decide for themselves how important these criteria are.

No priority admission: For most attractions, there is no fast track access with the Unlimited Pass. However, this also applies to other Dubai Passes. Nevertheless, you will receive a time slot ticket for some attractions and thus save some time.

Very expensive: The scope of the Unlimited Pass is quite extensive. However, this makes the Dubai Pass very expensive. Even with a short validity of only three days, you will have to invest more than $400 per person. Only if you do a lot of sightseeing in a short time can you save some money with the Unlimited Pass.

Validity in calendar days: The validity period of the Unlimited Pass is calculated in calendar days. This means that if you start sightseeing on Friday afternoon, for example, but can only visit one attraction, this day still counts as a full day. You should start sightseeing in the morning.

Reservation required: For many attractions you have to make a reservation yourself. This applies to some sights, guided tours and excursions. Find out more in the SmartVisit app.

Conclusion: Who should buy the Unlimited Pass?

In our opinion, the Dubai Unlimited Pass is worthwhile for some travelers, especially if the following statements apply:

  • You want to visit some of the top attractions, for example Burj Khalifa or Dubai Frame.
  • You would like to participate in a desert safari.
  • You would like to take a city tour by hop-on/hop-off bus and explore Dubai by boat.
  • You want to explore Dubai intensively: You should visit two to three attractions a day for the Unlimited Pass to pay off. This is the only way to make savings.
  • You are staying in Dubai for three days or more. The Unlimited Pass becomes more worthwhile with increasing validity.
  • You don't want to have to decide before each visit whether it's worth buying a ticket.
  • With one booking, you would like to receive all the tickets conveniently by email so that you can save them on your cell phone. This is very convenient.

The Dubai Unlimited Pass is a popular product that is suitable for some tourists. Find out whether it is also the best product for your trip with our Dubai Pass comparison!

Questions & Answers

Does the Dubai Unlimited Pass allow fast track entry?

No, as a rule there is no fast track entry. For most attractions, you have to report to the box office to get your ticket. Reservations are only possible for a few attractions.

Can the purchase be cancelled free of charge?

No, unfortunately the purchase of the Unlimited Pass on the website cannot be canceled. Cancellation free of charge is only possible when purchasing the Unlimited Pass from GetYourGuide.

Is the Unlimited Pass suitable for families?

The Dubai Unlimited Pass is suitable for families. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 receive a discount. Some of the included attractions and leisure activities are very suitable for children and teenagers.

However, you should bear in mind that this product is only worthwhile if you do a lot of sightseeing. This is not always possible for families.